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John Egbert Encounter (Pacifist Run?)

So I finally figured out how to draw Undertale battle sprites so I made one for John to test it out. It's not that great (my god that left hand is absolutely awful), but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out as a whole. Why did John block the way? Who knows! I'm not good at thinking these things through. I'm also gonna do one for a genocide route/god tier!John soon hopefully.

Since he's not magic (~yet~) he attacks using the hammer.
[Battle theme]

Anyway, here's how I think some ACT commands would work in this battle:
* John Egbert blocks the way!


   * Check
* A young man.
* Today, April 13th, is his birtday.

   * Talk
* You ask John what his favorite movie is.
* He excitedly explains the plot to Con Air.

   * Prank
* You pull a prank on John when he isn't looking.
* The Prankster's Gambit tips in your favor!

   * Ask
* You ask John if you can be his friend.
* He seems to like that idea!
Splinters by RMAfan101
DIRK: I'm not sure it's true though.
DIRK: At least, I don't feel that way.
DAVE: what way
DIRK: That I'm not him.
DIRK: The fact is, I am.
DIRK: It's something I've come to understand about myself.
DIRK: All splinters of me are basically me, no matter how much I want to resist that truth.
DIRK: Or pretend they aren't reflecting my own qualities back at me.
DIRK: I bear a certain responsibility for all of them.
It's official.

I'm adopting both of the Striders.

They're my children now.
The Emerald Heart [00-01] by RMAfan101
The Emerald Heart [00-01]
Woop woop time's come for the first page of the prologue of The Emerald Heart. Still nervous as hell about posting this but w/e

Looking back on this it feels kinda weird? But I'm just gonna go ahead with it because I wanna be able to get through this dumb thing and like. Be done with it I guess.

Like I mentioned in that sketchy picture I posted a while ago the character doesn't wear the sweater at first but she will get it later on. Also I feel like I should mention this now so people don't ask repeatedly in the comments, "tzofim" is basically Israeli scouts. They're kinda like boy/girl/cub scouts in how they help out with the community and give achievements to those who earned them, but they don't like go door to door selling cookies or stuff like that. They have certain groups here in America and they sometimes do trips to Israel and such, but the group near where I live was absolutely awful. It was a terrible experience.

Handwritten words are actually excerpts from the character's journal/sketchbook. We'll see her actually writing in it later on hopefully.

Anyways those last two panels feel kinda odd but I already finished it and am too lazy to go back and fix it up. Also I don't like drawing backgrounds very much.

Tune in next weekend for page two.
Leonardo Benjamin Monguel Ref Sheet by RMAfan101
Leonardo Benjamin Monguel Ref Sheet
It's finally!! Done!!!

So ok meet Leo.

:bulletred: Is definitely the kind of guy to tell bad puns and the worst times.
:bulletred: Falls in love easily.
:bulletred: It's so hard to get him to stop smiling? Like 90% of the time he's smiling wtf
:bulletred: It's also hard to get him angry but he's reALLY FUCKING SCARY WHEN HE'S MAD.
:bulletred: Steals for a living but will give pick-pocketed things back if asked politely.
:bulletred: Is actually pretty emotional???
:bulletred: Is actually really really good at combat never actually hurts people because he doesn't have the heart for it.
:bulletred: Loves to seek out ancient relics from myths just to prove that he can.
:bulletred: Above statement is actually an explanation of why he went searching for the City of Dreams/El Dorado.
:bulletred: Almost got his soul eaten while still alive because of the above statement.
:bulletred: Loves to make friends. All the friends. He loves his friends.
:bulletred: Surprisingly really nice for a thief???? Probably one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.
:bulletred: Grew up in a desert, but ran away to explore the realms.
:bulletred: Absolutely LOVES food. Like holy shit
:bulletred: Despite the above statement, it's actually really hard to get him to eat enough because of a mentality that stuck with him from his old home.
:bulletred: But he makes sure that all of his friends are eating so it's like????? kinda hypocritical???
:bulletred: His soulmate got killed in a terrorist attack.
:bulletred: LOVES music. He sings like an angel.
:bulletred: Can't play the guitar though. He would love to learn how.
:bulletred: Also he can't dance for shit.
:bulletred: Has the most beautiful laugh ever.
:bulletred: Got his arm cut off for stealing from a government official and got his bestest bro to build him a prosthetic.
:bulletred: Loves almost everything about Earth. Especially the music and most of the people.
:bulletred: Loves to sing Beatles songs.
:bulletred: Because of a gene that comes from being not Earthan, he's very resilient to physical attacks and is actually surprisingly strong?
:bulletred: Face claim for him is Joe Anderson.
I'm currently hosting a RP for an online cards against humanity game over here tonight before I head out for New Orleans.

If anybody is interested, my character, Leo, is hosting the game in the bridge of his ship. The password is terrascot1, and please nickname yourself with your username and the character you're as. (Example: thieffromthesands [Leo])

Please come if you're up for it?
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Heyo name's Inbal but I like to call myself Avi sometimes because it's a shortened version of my middle name. Video games, TV shows, movies, and books ruined my life.

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