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Check Tumblr to see if you have any new followers by RMAfan101
Check Tumblr to see if you have any new followers
Finally deciding to settle down on your BELOVED COMPUTER, you open up your internet browser and open up one of the very few websites you actually care about.
You're not a very POPULAR BLOG on TUMBLR, so you're not very surprised when you discover that your FOLLOWER COUNT has remained the same since last you checked.

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Wow I'm really bad at keeping up with this? I just threw this together really quickly I'm sorry guys.
Happy Thanksgiving! And to all those who are protesting out there, stay safe!
Doctor Who: Girl [LINK BELOW] by RMAfan101
Doctor Who: Girl [LINK BELOW]
Another music post on Tumblr. This time the song is the Across the Universe movie cover of "Girl" by the Beatles, and, like my other music post, all panels were edited in PaintToolSAI and Photoshop.
Here's the link!
Just letting you guys know right now, I don't know if I'm doing this right.
The Guidlines - Please don't remove these~! :) (Smile)

1. Pick twelve (12) of you characters. Make sure you count yourself in there to for a total of thirteen (13)~! It's more amusing to read if you put yourself in the mix ;3

2. Make sure you list all their names if the have more then one, i.e If they have an alias list it
3. Once you've picked your characters make sure you remember which number corresponds to which character before you start, this will become important later on
4. Without planning it or thinking about it, make your characters go through the scenarios using the first things that come to your mind for each one
5. Don't feel like you have to tone your characters down~! If they're a total jerk, make it so! We want to see how you feel your character would REALLY react to this!
6. Have fun~! :) (Smile)
7. Quiz thinginy created by: :iconthe-bone-snatcher:

Be needin ur names first:
Remember to list alias' if they have any :) (Smile)

Wowie characters from years ago. Anyways let's do this.

1. Theo Wilson
2. Lilia Thompson
3. Hemlock
4. Melody Stewart (Mels)
5. Markus Hale (Spitfire, Hotshot)
6. Umania Levi (Umi, Mani)
7. Clark Knight
8. Remi
9. Shira Hoshi
10. Lora Ingram
11. Doug Williams
12. Mary Anderson
13. Me

Registration complete. Let the fun and games begin >:3

..:: || Phase One, Quality Time || ::..

1 and 3 are sitting at a table for tea, what's their initial reactions?
Theo: Tea's great. Good for keeping magic under control, I guess.
Hemlock: *sips tea continuously and gets sad when his cup is empty*

Quick! 4 just knocked the hot kettle all over 3!!
Mels: Shit. Shit. Shit.
Hemlock: Good god, that's flippin' hot!
Mels: I'm sorry. Shit. Aw, shit.

While 3 and 4 are dealing with the kettle, 6 moves in on 1. What's 1's reaction?
Theo: The hell are you doing?
Umi: I-

Think fast! 12, 2 and 9 are in a mall with no money and they're surrounded by people!
Lilia: *Sits down somewhere and starts reading*
Mary: Eeeeugh, other people. I wish I'd brought some money.
Shira: Me too. God, that shirt looks nice.

11 and 10 are buying flowers for the same person. What's their initial reactions?
Doug: I thought I was getting the flowers.
Lora: No, I told you not to get flowers. I was getting them.
Doug: Damn it.

..:: || Phase Two, Personal Touch || ::..

You've survived phase one, now it's time to get personal >:3

5 and 7 are taking a shower, what's happening?
Markus: Oh. This shower is taken. Whoops.
Clark: *blushes uncontrollably and desperately grabs for the towel*

Quick! 8 has walked in on 5 and 7 in the shower!!
Remi: Make way, big wings- oh. Hi.
Markus: Nice wings.
Remi: Thanks.
Clark: Please leave.

While 8, 5 and 7 are busy, lets see what 1 and 12 doing in the hottub!
Mary: You have tattoos?
Theo: Yeah. Well, technically they're not-
Mary: Wow, they're so cool!

Think fast! 11, 10 and 2 crashed 1 and 12's party in the hottub!
Theo: LILIA, NO-
Doug: Jeez, don't make a mess!
Lora: *Changes her mind and walks away*

4 found out that 9 used their toothbrush to scrub the toilet!
Mels: Why?
Shira: Shush. I know what I'm doing.

..:: || Phase Three, Romancing it Up || ::..

Phase two complete. Now it's time for phase three >:3

1 is kissed by 6, what's 1's reaction and how does 6 take it?
Umi: Are you sure you haven't kissed anyone before? You're a pretty good kisser.
Theo: *Extreme blushing*

Quick! A jealous 5 saw 6 kiss 1!
Markus: Why did you kiss a thirteen year-old?
Umi: Ssssss.

While 5 and 1 are busy, what is everyone else thinking?
Lilia: Wait, someone kissed Theo? I swear to god, NOBODY lays a hand on Theo-
Hemlock: Lemme grab some roses.
Mels: *Loud snoring*
Clark: Who are you people? Why are you all here?
Remi: Whoops, dropped something.
Shira: You clumsy little winged...person...
Lora/Doug/Mary: *Playing Cards Against Humanity*

Think fast! 11's dream date just proposed to 2!!
Doug: Why.
Lilia: I don't even know who you are. We're too young to get married.
Mary: Heh.

13! 10 just grabbed your hand to tango, rose in mouth!!
Me: *Screeches*
Lora: You're going to have to help me here. I can't dance.

..:: || Phase Four, Winding Down || ::..

OK lets tone it down a bit. Time for phase four >:3

3 just got home from a long day at work and heads to bed only to find 13 in it!
Hemlock: What-
Me: Hi.
Hemlock: Can you-
Me: No.

Quick! 13's in trouble, how does number 1 react!!
Theo: Uhh.
Hemlock: Please-
Me: Nah, I'm too lazy.

12 is having  a sleep over. Who's invited?
Mary: Doug and Lora.

Think fast! An uninvited guest has arrived to crash 12's sleepover!

You've succesfully beaten off the uninvited, but now the house is a wreck. How do 1 and 12 decide who cleans it up?
Theo: I'll do it. I'm magic. Literally.

..:: || Phase Five, Something Completely Different || ::..

You've come this far, now lets take it further. Time for phase five >:3

Quick! A whale just flew past 5's car window!!
Markus: *mouths* What the fuck?

No time to think! The whale just flew into 2's bedroom window!!
Lilia: HOLY-

Don't stop now! 5's car breaks aren't working and they can't stop before reaching 2's house!
Lilia: *Magical barrier*

This is an EX-Whale!
Me: I don't understand?

Wait, there's more! The whale suddenly bursts into a flurry of angry bee's!
Lilia: This is some intense magic-work going on.
Markus: *Throws fire at several bees*

1 to the rescue!
Theo: That's a lot of bees.

Hurry up! 13, 1's unable to help with the bee's due to a sudden allergic reaction!!
Theo: *panics*
Me: *High-pitched screaming*

Hold on, the bee's have gone off in fear!
Theo: *Breathes deeply*
Lilia: What the hell just happened?
Markus: What the hell just happened.
Me: *Cowering in the corner*

Oh no! It's an angry mob of seagulls!!
Markus: What.
Lilia: What the hell is going on?!
Theo: *Magical barrier*

Keep going! The mob of seagulls have chased you all out of 2's house!!
Markus: Shit, now we're easy targets.

Think faster! 1 finds a flamethrower!
Markus: Why the hell do you need a flamethrower? I'm practically made of fire.
Theo: I'm just trying to help!

Uh-oh! 1 set the town on fire and everyone's counting on number 12!!
Mary: Why are you guys counting on me? I can't do anything besides play music and write music.

Good greif! 12's stuck in a burning tree with one of the angry mob seagulls!
Mary: *Screeches*
Theo: Uh, hang on! *Somehow magically gets Mary down? Idk anymore*

Hang on, almost done! After defeating the angery mobgull 12 finds a fire hose to take care of the fire, but there's no water!
Mary: Crap. I think we're gonna need more magic.

What's this! The whale as returned and puts out the fire!
Theo: How?
Lilia: This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
Mary: Whale!
Markus: I am so done.

And then a flying shark ate the whale...
Mary: *Mortified, starts crying*
Lilia: Mm, yeah, let's just leave.
Theo: I'm down with that.
Markus: I'm done. Goodbye.

..:: || Phase Six, ... There's a phase six? || ::..

You survived the quality time, the personal touch, the romance, the winding down and then the utter choas. Now it's time to have each character tag someone! It can be another of your own characters, your friends characters or even your friends! But think fast!

I tag:
I don't know. lunykstormdragonCrazyFangirl01?  King-Blu? Only if ya'll want to.

Remember to tell them they've been tagged and leave their names in the artists comments of your quiz!

P.S. You don't have to tag people, it's only if you'd like too.... But it's encouraged >:3

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